About John Cameron

After graduating from the University of Toledo, I became securities and insurance licensed in 1983. My experience as a General Manager with The Prudential Financial Services and a Senior Officer with Sky Financial Group led me to operating my own firm built on service, knowledge and trusted relationships that have been responsible for the growth of our company.

My wife, Dawn and I attend Corpus Christi University Parish. Beyond our professional responsibilities, we enjoy traveling and playing tennis.

My two sons, John and Will are John Carrroll University Graduates. John is completing his residency in Podiatry. William is a CPA for an accounting firm.

- Formal Education - Obtained BBA in Business Administration, 1982 from The University of Toledo.

- FINRA 6, 26, 63, 65 Securities License

- Insurance license in 9 states

- Professional Designation - LUTCFR

- Graduate of AMTC

"My business has been built on trusted relationships allowing communication and plans of action to improve everyone's understanding of the investment opportunities and objectives."

John Cameron